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GigaNet election statement - Vice Chair

Dear GigaNet members,

With the upcoming election I want to post a note making the case for my candidacy for the vice-Chair position. Thank you again, Joanna, for the nomination and thanks to all who supported this nomination both publicly and privately.

I have been a member of GigaNet since 2008 gradually becoming more and more involved in the network and taking on leadership roles. Starting as a Communication Officer I helped maintaining our online presence and mailing lists, as well as running the Steering Committee elections. Recently I started a conversation within the Steering Committee about updating our online presence with a new website that better meets the needs of our network. Over the years I also got involved with the Membership Committee helping to open our network to early stage academics and graduate students as well as to Internet governance researchers and practitioners outside of the academia. I have also served on a number of Program Committees helping to shape our annual symposium and I have initiated moving our symposium archives to SSRN (which we should complete soon). Most recently, together with other Steering Committee members I’ve been working on expanding the reach and the statue of GigaNet through engagement with other academic conferences and journals. You might have seen the CFPs for an ICA pre-conference I am organizing on behalf of GigaNet and the special issue of Internet Policy Review I am co-editing with Francesca Musiani and Christian Katzenbach.

Today, I can clearly say that GigaNet has become my main scholarly community and I care deeply about its future. If elected I will continue working with the Steering Committee to continue growing GigaNet and increasing its visibility as an open and inclusive network that connects Internet governance research with practice. More specifically, I plan on continuing our current trajectory of engaging with other scholarly communities under the GigaNet brand through organizing panels, events, and publications. My goal is to place our research in conversation with other disciplines and to attract new members. Together with Julia Pohle, Francesca Musiani, and Christian Katzenbach, I am already working on a proposal for a GigaNet pre-event for the 2016 annual meeting of the Association of Internet Researchers. I also want to work with the new Outreach and Partnership Chair on strengthening the link between our research community and Internet governance practitioners. I plan to continue working with the Membership and the Program committees as well as supporting the new Communication Officer with transitioning to the new website. Finally, after a decade of activity, GigaNet is at a point where we need to make decisions about the future of this network. I want to contribute to discussions with the wider community about possible futures, strategies for getting there, and the value of the network to its members.

I am glad to see more people stepping forward to take on leadership positions within GigaNet. I hope you will give me the mandate to continue serving this community.

Thank you!

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