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GIGANET election statement - Chair Outreach and Partnership Standing Committee

Dear GIGANET community:

In the past weeks I have been honoured with the nomination and secondment as Chair of the Outreach and Partnership SC.

I would like to serve the GIGANET community and enhance a network which I first attended in its 2nd edition in Rio, which marked my first attendance to an IGF. I have always appreciated the specific space that GIGANET offers for academic debates on IG and believe that this is a space that has carved its own identity over the years.

Following  GIGANET's objectives I propose to continue with the lines of work that have been successfully adopted with a presence in academic forums (such as ICA, IAMCR, etc) and will seek to expand the visibility of the network in other scholarly conferences that address some aspects of Internet governance that are relevant for the members of this community - many of whom are already participating in many of these (such as AOIR, 4S - and ESOCITE in LAC-, TPRC, ISA, etc).

Outside strictly academic environments, I believe there are two spaces that deserve a greater presence from the GIGANET community, both to help shape informed debates, as well as to benefit research emerging from concrete policy discussions:

- National and regional IGFs, where informed policy dialogues should at this stage become more prevalent in these debates.
- Policy meetings where IG discussions take place. A few examples: in the next years there will be a plethora of events related with the post WSIS+10 outcomes; the issue of cybersecurity is generating its own regime complex of processes and institutions; last but not least, the technical community run their meetings which in many occasions have spaces for panel sessions for evidence-based discussions to frame policy debates (this is particularly the case for some of the meetings of RIRs).

As a final comment, many of these outcomes will only materialize with the advice, support and engagement provided by the members and observers of this network, which implies that if I join this SC, your feedback will be much sought after to shape the outreach strategy for 2016-17.

A few words about me: I hold a PhD in Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires (2015). My research was a historical, comparative study of Internet governance of “critical Internet resource” management in Argentina and Brazil. The fieldwork of my dissertation led me to do policy work for LACTLD, an experience which underscored the value of scholarly work in this field for policymakers. I am a researcher at the Center for Technology and Society at the University of San Andrés in Buenos Aires, where I’m leading the Internet Governance area and I’m a professor at the Social Sciences Department at the same university as well as visiting professor at the Catholic University of Uruguay and affiliate researcher at the Internet Policy Observatory (CGCS, UPenn).

I look forward to working with you.

Best wishes for 2016,


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