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Dear GigaNetters,

In anticipation of the upcoming election, I would like to offer a statement that outlines my interest in and qualifications for the position of Treasurer.
I have been a member of GigaNet since 2010 and for the past three years, I have served on the Membership Committee. This has given me a good insight into the ethos of GigaNet and also of course, to the growing community of people who wish to engage with the issues that we are all interested in. I've really enjoyed the Membership Committee (not the least for the outstanding leadership of Joanna Kulesza) and it has prompted me to consider playing a larger role in the organisation.

I feel that the position of treasurer is one that I am well qualified for and it's also one that I feel I could make a difference in. Ideally, I would like expand the remit of Treasurer somewhat so as to work with the members and the SC to explore opportunities for additional fundraising to help us fulfill a broader range of activities. I've had a lot of success with grant applications both within and outside of academia and I'd be interested in exploring some opportunities for expanding our funding base.

I have three years of non-profit board experience and am consequently well-versed in the practices and responsibilities of institutional financial oversight. I also have a background in the private sector where I worked as a project manager and film producer - both of which involved meticulous record keeping, account management, compliance monitoring, budgeting and projections. I'm comfortable with a range of accounting software and institutional funds management programs.

I'd welcome the opportunity to contribute to GigaNet in this new dimension and look forward to an exciting 2016 for our community!
All the best,


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