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Extended deadline for submitting abstracts to GigaNet Annual Symposium

Hello everyone,

The deadline for submission of abstracts to GigaNet Annual Symposium has been extended to Friday, 23 June, 2017. More details in the link:

The Program Committee is looking forward to your submissions!


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December 17, 2017. Geneva, Switzerland

Extended abstract submission deadline: 10 June 2017

Full papers due: 10 October 2017

The Internet is one of the major manifestations of globalization, yet the current political climate is characterized by a reaction against globalization and a surge of populism and nationalism in many countries. At the same time, assertions of sovereignty in cyberspace are met with warnings about…


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Blinking Red: Reconsidering U.S. Approaches to Cybersecurity

"There's no excuse not to know that the system is blinking red when it comes to the potential for a major national security-driven cyber incident to hit our critical infrastructure in a way that causes major economic issues."…


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Joint GIGANET - IPO event workshop. "Challenges and Opportunities: A Condensed Workshop on Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Internet Governance Research"

Organized by GIGANET & the Internet Policy Observatory at the University of Pennsylvania

4 December, 2:00-6:00pm

Grand Fiesta Americana Guadalajara Country Club

“Salon Roble" Av. Américas 1551 Col. Providencia, Guadalajara

Discussions will focus on how to foster research that is relevant both in academic circles as well as for policy and advocacy communities,…


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2016 GigaNet Annual Symposium Program

On 05 December 2016 GigaNet will hold its 11th Annual Symposium in the city of Zapopan/Guadalajara, Mexico. As every year, the symposium takes place on Day Zero of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF).

The event is located at the Palcco Center in Zapopan in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara. Participation is free of charge and no…


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#pre-AoIR: The Internet Rules, But How?

GigaNet sponsors a preconference workshop at AoIR 2016, to take place on 5 October 2016 in Berlin, Germany:

The Internet Rules, But How?

A Science and Technology Studies (STS) Take on Doing Internet Governance

05.10.2016 | 09.00 – 17.30 Uhr | HU Berlin, Dorotheenstr. 24, 10117 Berlin

Full program:…


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GigaNet at SSRN

We now have a fully functioning SSRN page with 101 papers presented in our annual symposiums since 2007 (the first year we had full paper submissions). This collection covers most, but not all, of the symposium papers, as we were not able to retrieve some of the earlier manuscripts. Papers from this year's symposium will be added in due course. 

Huge thanks go to Milton Mueller and the Internet Governance Project for financing this undertaking, and to Julia…

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The Emerging Right: Recent United Nation HRC's Resolution on Access to Internet, 27th June 2016



By: Ameneh Dehshiri

PhD on Internet and Human Rights


 what is what? 

When the Universal Declaration of Human…


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Democracy in the Middle East? A Snapshot from ICANN

Democracy in the Middle East is a controversial and evolving issue, but it was on grand display among members of a new ICANN working group



ICANN’s Policy Development Process Infographic, in Arabic.

ICANN's new Middle East and Adjoining Countries Strategy Working Group (…


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NETWORKS & POLITICS / BERLIN SESSION 02: Open Debate on the Politics of Encryption - Berlin - 20 July 2016

In modern democracies, societies are built not only on checks and balances but also on the notion of trust. In the digital age, trust is strengthened through a variety of technologies that provide for online privacy and security. Encryption technologies are one key example. They allow users to securely communicate and do business online, and to protect data on a computer, a phone or in the cloud. However, those technologies are also available for less benevolent purposes, providing criminals…


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Deadline extension for GigaNet Annual Symposium 2016

The proposal submission deadline for the 2016 GigaNet Annual Symposium was extended until Friday 24 June 2016.

The complete call for papers can be found here: CFP website.

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Call for Contribution for GigaNet-supported AoIR preconference workshop

Call for Contributions


Deadline: 15 June 2016


The Internet Rules, But How?

An STS take on doing Internet governance


Preconference workshop – AoIR 2016

5 October 2016 – Berlin, Germany


Workshop facilitators:

Dmitry Epstein,…


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Upcoming events: GWU/World Bank Conference (5-6 May 2016)

The End of Trade as We Know It?
A conference organized by GWU and the World Bank
This conference will focus on how policymakers, firms, and netizens can collaborate to ensure that digital trade yields economic growth and enhances human welfare. We will examine…

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We have posted a preliminary program for the upcoming GigaNet organized ICA pre-conference on Internet governance. The program is shaping out nicely and promises to be both stimulating and engaging.

The event will be hosted on the Tokyo campus of Kanazawa Institute of Technology. We invite you all to participate. You can register either for the entire ICA conference or just for the GigaNet event at…


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CFP out for GigaNet Annual Symposium 2016: Governance research a decade after WSIS: new directions and persisting challenges

GigaNet is now accepting proposals for papers to be presented at its annual symposium in Guadalajara, Mexico, in December 2016. Authors from any field of study, methodological or theoretical approach, working any aspect of Internet governance are invited to submit their work. The main theme of the 2016 GigaNet symposium is

Internet Governance research a decade after WSIS: new directions and persisting challenges.

Please find…


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Call for papers GigaNet panel at IAMCR 2016 - Deadline 15 February

GigaNet will host a panel within the Communication Policy and Technology Section at the upcoming IAMCR 2016 conference, to be held from July 27-31, 2015 in Leicester (UK). The deadline for submissions of abstracts for papers and panel proposals is February 15, 2016.

Topics may include but are not limited to technical and legal questions of Internet governance, governance mechanisms and their implementation and the analysis of key Internet governance concepts such as net…


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Open discussion on Internet fragmentation - Berlin - 17 February 2016

Is the Internet falling apart? Are we witnessing an unstoppable process of technical, governmental or commercial fragmentation? Are countries, regions or continents erecting digital walls for the purpose of control or national sovereignty? Are companies building walled gardens that render the Internet less open and accessible than it used to be? Or might we actually need barriers and protected areas for the purpose of data protection and copyright?

On February 17th, we will address…


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Candidate Statement - Derrick L. Cogburn - GigaNet Vice Chair

Dear GigaNet Colleagues,


As we begin 2016, it is my pleasure to re/introduce myself to you and to stand as a candidate for Vice Chair of our beloved GigaNet.  I apologize for the delay in sending out this Candidate Statement.  I am just returning from a long sabbatical, and getting ready to teach on Monday.


GigaNet Background


As some of you may know, I am one of the founders of GigaNet. I participated along with Wolfgang, Milton,…


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Election Statement - Communication Officer

Dear All

With the GigaNET elections fast approaching, I wish to supplement my seconded nomination for the role of the Communication Officer with the following statement:

I joined GigaNet in 2012 and I have been always fascinated by the prospect of building and sustaining an academic network devoted to Internet Governance. Since then, I have been involved with IG wearing many hats: From 2013 onwards, I am deeply honoured to act as ISOC's Ambassador and become…


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